Ozone spark, any reviews?

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Ozone spark, any reviews?

Postby simonhunny » Sat 20 Jul, 2013 5:48 am

hi, I am just taking up the sport & was initially looking at the nemo2 as a beginners wing. Then I saw the ozone spark, which looks like a newer/faster option which still has A rating.
I cant find any reviews of the ozone spark yet, has anyone got any feedback please?
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Re: Ozone spark, any reviews?

Postby morgy » Wed 31 Jul, 2013 7:30 am

I very much doubt you will get any reviews on the new Ozone Spark on here..

If you're after a super safe wing with a low en rating you can't go wrong :) Most other make are High end B's and C's

Keep an eye on Ojovolador as they always do great independant reviews on wings

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Re: Ozone spark, any reviews?

Postby Parapilot » Wed 31 Jul, 2013 8:50 am

If you really want to buy new, the Spark would be a good choice (being the newest, it should have potentially better resale value). Ozone wings are superb to fly and designed perfectly for each market sector.

In real terms however you would not notice any tangible difference between a Spark and a Nemo power, or even a slightly older model like the Ozone Indy or (many other types). Any beginner wing will be safe and easy to learn on, but slightly slower than the intermediate or advanced wings (providing you stay in the certified weight range). You will enjoy the flying just as much on any .... then worry about the actual wing when you have gained experience in various conditions, used the full trimmer and speed bar system etc.

The price of new wings has gone ridiculous. My advice would be to buy good used kit (there is plenty about, but get advice first - on here or from an experienced pilot / instructor you trust). There have been quite a few Nemo's and similar for sale recently. This way you won't lose much money (if and when) you eventually think about getting an intermediate wing.
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Re: Ozone spark, any reviews?

Postby simonhunny » Wed 31 Jul, 2013 2:04 pm

thanks for the replies. I am living in Thailand where the 2nd hand market is pretty thin, but there is very good 'asian' discount on new wings.
I was also looking at the Revo2 as an option
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